Top of the morning to you all… We welcome you all our esteemed-viewers to “StarGuest 2.0” our Exclusive interview session. Today we have with us the young and bright Minister of Gospel, Man of God “GUC”.

Adewale: Welcome to our glorious interview session #StarGuest. May we meet you SIR?

GUC: I am Gift Ugochi Christopher.
Adewale: Hmm! Indeed you’re a good looking gift…lol!
GUC: Lol!
Adewale: And if I may ask, what is the meaning of Ugochi?
GUC: Gods pride I believe…haha!
Adewale: Wow! What a nice name sir…Mr GUC, from which part of  our country Nigeria do you come from?
GUC: Rivers state, Emohua local government area.
Adewale: OK. Today, we are focusing on the name “GUC” as a dynamic worshiper and Music. As a Gospel Minister through music, how would you define the word “Music” ?
GUC: Its a tool.. A very decisive one at that.. Its vast and rich in its nature.
Adewale: Hmm! Nice…If you say music is a tool, I’d like to ask, When did you discover this “tool” (Singing Talent)? And share with us in brief how it started.
GUC: It started some years ago at a tender age. Then it was just for the fun of it until God opened me up to the revelation of the power of music.
Adewale: Oh nice…Why Gospel Music? I mean, you are good looking, you have a very cool voice that suits secular R n B style that can captivate alot of good looking ladies out there.
GUC: Why gospel? That’s because it’s where I’m meant to be…Fulfilling purpose through Christ is the ultimate that beats every.
Adewale: Don’t be surprised I asked you such question because, we’ve seen a lot of musicians who started from the church and later became the secular music icons. simply because some think its not profitable to be a gospel artist or doing God’s work. What’s your take on this?
GUC: True! He own the cattle on a thousand hills… Nothing profits more than the satisfying work or Christ… Its a bid we all have to key into…”Jesus pays big time”. Its beyond earthly reward too.
Adewale: I’m sure someone’s heart has been ministered to with this simple answer from you sir. They say a journey of a thousand miles begin with a step, and we thank God for HE has brought you this far. How has been the journey? what were the challenges you have faced and the ones you are still battling with at the moment? or has it been rosy all along?
GUC: Smiles… It hasn’t been rosy… Temptations here and there, disappointments, but God takes the glory still.. “He who started a good work in us will surely complete it” He says he will never leave us nor forsake us.. nothing can be against us since he lives and sits in the heavenlies.
Adewale: Halleluyah!!! How would you describe the Nigeria Gospel Music Industry comparing when they first started with their present state? And do you think the adhering to moral divine principles which is the true character of the Christians that we all refers to as “Righteousness” is still in check?
GUC: Righteousness can’t be measured by any human…we are all righteous through Christ, so that’s shouldn’t come in..also; the gospel scene has grown radically and Is still growing… But the place of brotherly lover has to be practiced more.+ We be to take off every class mentality and completion.
Adewale: I agree with you sir. When talking about music, we ought not to forget the word “Genre” as well. As a music lover, I will rather prefer Gospel music should come in different genres like rap, r n b, pop, Afro etc. but in this part of the world, we seems not appreciate Gospel rap songs and some other genres. Do you think Gospel Music should be limited to a pattern? for-instance, Praise and Worship progression?
GUC: No it shouldn’t be limited… God is not a stereotyped God.. He is vast and beyond bounds.
Adewale: Hmmm! Nice. Any single so far?
GUC: Yes, 5 thus far…
Adewale: Wow!!! Can you tell us the titles and what inspired them in brief?
GUC: I believe, Fill me, Neligwe, Not alone (a cover) and HOLY SPIRIT. All inspired by the loved and push for Gods work. <<< (Click on each title to download audio in one click).
Adewale: Glory be to God.
It’s no doubt you’ve graced many stage. When was the first time you got your first invite to minister as a guest artist and for how long have you been in this kingdom service?
GUC: January 2017 will make us 3 years in ministry… My first invite was for me to minister in a gospel award night in Port-Harcourt.
Adewale: And what was it like being called for the first time?
GUC: As of then, it was quit amazing cause it began with a huge platform.
Adewale: Hmm! OK.
GUC: Yes!
Adewale: Few months ago, the GUC android application was launched for smart phones and iPads. In a nutshell, can you tell us what the app does and how can we get it installed?
GUC: The idea behind that innovation was inspired by the drive to take the gospel to another level.. It contains my songs, videos and lyrics, not forgetting an online radio streaming system.. We are currently working towards outing it on the Android play store and other platforms as it regards mobile and technology.
Adewale: Awesome! Awesome!! May the Lord see you through in Jesus name.
GUC: Amen!
Adewale: Once again, I will like to say You are good looking and God fearing. The perfect man for all the reasonable ladies who wants to secure a good home for their future. How have you been coping with the opposite pressure?
GUC: #GodIsHelpingUs
Adewale: Lol… OK! Should we be expecting any single soon?
GUC: Yes, this September (2016).
Adewale: No actual date yet?
GUC: 23rd September! #TRUTH
Adewale: Wow!!! That’s awesome!! OK… Lastly before we wrap up this awesome and interesting
interview session, we’d like to know your other interests apart from music and also, your word that will inspire our generation.
GUC: I am a graphic designer and I do video editing too…a graduate of philosophy.. My advice is “know yourself and Gods plan for your life, be patient, pray work hard and serve God faithfully”.
Adewale: I’m inspired…
GUC: Thank you..
Adewale: So, here we draw the Curtain for “StarGuest 2.0” And we thank you for your presence online.
GUC; Thanks alot.
Adewale:  And we hope if we call you next time you will answer us sir and how do we connect with you sir?
GUC: Sure I will. Twitter: @GiftChristopher Fb: Gift Ugochi Christopher IG: minister_guc
Adewale: Thank so much minister GUC God bless you and bye for now!!!
GUC: Amen!
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