Goodnews: Nkay Preps To Drop A New Single Titled, Replace Off His “LAM IS COMING” EP | @mr_nkay

Nkay Preps To Drop New Single Titled Replace

Nkay Preps To Drop New Single Titled Replace

The RockTown Soldier, Nkay who has been MIA for awhile returned with a huge surprise as he preps to drop a new single “REPLACE” off his forth-coming #EP titled, “LAM IS COMING”.

“The EP #LAM is about this short time we have on here called life,how quickly comes and goes,how too often we spend our best years chasing the wrong things only to realize what really matters when we have no strength left anymore… LAM is a documentary of my journey so far, it’s me looking back and talking about how amazingly crazy the past 10 years have been. I want you to sing, Ad-lib, worship, harmonize, dance whatever !! but to also THINK & most importantly ask your self after each song “where am I headed with my life and is it worth it”.Right now there’s more songs than an EP can take but I pray we pick the right songs that help to address your “LIFE” #LAMiscoming #ReplaceInMarch”.


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