Oghene Igbunu – Efe Praises

Oghene Igbunu – Efe Praises

Igbunu weh oghene Igbunu,
Ovie ivie igbunu,igbunu ohh igbunu
(Greatest God, you are the great and mighty God2x
mighty God ooh mighty God)

Verse 1:
Ancient of days,as old as you are,you will never
change,that’s why i call u mighty God mighty God,Ancient of days,
mighty warrior that’s your name,noboby fit be like u…mighty God!
Mighty God!! Mighty God!!! King of kings

Chorus repeats

Verse 2:
Your are mighty ,mighty God, my greatest God ,you are a mighty
God,the king of kings,mighty God ooh,the greatest God, your are the
mighty God.

Chorus repeats

Verse 3:
God that speak through the water,

God of all gods,

mighty man,

mighty God ooh ,

I say mighty God ooh.

Chorus repeats


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