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A Man Does Not Need Love – Dr. Myles Munroe

by TheChristianBlogger

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A man needs admiration. A man doesn’t want respect, he needs it!


Nowhere in the Bible does it ever say that a woman should love a man, it doesn’t exist in the scripture. Because, a man does not need love. Why? Because, a man needs respect! A man interprets respect as love. When a woman tells you she loves you, it doesn’t mean anything to you, think about it. But when she respects you, you know she loves you.

Ephesians 5:22-23 “husband, love your wife – it tells the man to love the woman; it never tells the woman to love the man. But it does say, wives respect your husbands” same chapter.

Because, God knows what He made. So, the first problem you got right now ladies is, what is respect? See, Aretha Franklin had it wrong that’s why she’s still ain’t married: “all I need-she had it backward, is a little respect, yeah.” No, she needed love! Yeah.

How Do You Respect A Man?

Here’s a secret. The word ‘respect’ means, to speak highly of, to hold in high regard, to praise, etc. The average man get zero praise. Zero, it’s not funny. It’s very dangerous! Let me tell you what hurts a husband in this church. Here’s what hurts a husband in this church, you respect pastor more than him. You are not married to your pastor. I know and I’m not naive. I know it’s tough to find something in him to praise. I know that but the bible says to do it, why? Because, God knows how the car works. Even if your husband is not and ideal man, you are supposed to help him become that. Maybe he doesn’t know the bible like you but don’t seat down and say let’s have devotions. And then you say to him, “why can’t you find Corinthians.” You are not helping the guy, you are demeaning his ego. You are destroying his pride! No wonder why he doesn’t do devotions anymore. You are supposed to buy him a Bible with the little tabs on the outside. Come on, somebody – you got to help him and tell him

“Honey, I know you could. I am going to wait till you find it, baby cause I don’t know where it is myself. Just go, right ahead baby you can find Corinthians. Come on honey! You got it baby, yes sir. Now, let’s go to chapter 6, baby. Yeah I know you can read this now, baby and I am going to believe everything you say, baby.” Help the man! All the men say, ride on!


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