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Being a music lover, getting songs and lyrics of the renowned Gospel ministers in the “Hollywood Gospel Music Industry” are very easy because, there are numerous websites and blogs that are dedicated to the promotion of their materials (Songs, Videos & Lyrics) to make it available online for easy accessibility via the world leading search engine “GOOGLE”. Unlike searching for “Nigerian Gospel Songs Lyrics” which can be very tedious that the stress can literally wear you out quick and make you despair…LOL!

Thus, from experience and observation, we’ve been able to quantify the importance of the Gospel Songs Lyrics via the special pressing need being placed on it from both within (Locally) and without (Globally).

Despite we have various websites and blogs indulging in the dissemination of  Gospel updates and promotion of Songs, Lyrics & Videos in Nigeria, we can hardly identify any which is solely committed to Nigerian Gospel Songs Lyrics publishing. At this spot we are ready to narrow down our focus on and we hope you will find our website relevant in this aspect.


Enriching your world with music…


Becoming the largest lyrics database for Nigeria and the whole of Africa…

NB: (This can only be made possible with the help of GOD and your support by submitting lyrics via our Submit Lyrics link)


Our objectives remains;

  1. Promoting the Kingdom of GOD through Godly music.
  2. Giving the budding Gospel artistes being led by the true spirit of GOD a voice.

NB: (Every song published has been carefully selected and verified sacred)



“Information brings about transformation”. Hence, we’d love to hear your feedbacks!

NB: Complaints, questions, suggestions & corrections are welcome. It helps us to better serve you!