All Over Me – Barakah ft Mike Abdul



Ouuuu Ewo Ah!
Barakah testifies with Mike Abdul
The goodness of God o
See me, see favor
Na who do me so ?
Regarde moi, vois la faveur de Dieu Yawo !


I can see your goodness in my life o
Baba oh, baba oh, you’re good oh
Seigneur mon ame, mon Coeur te benissent oh
Crowned me with glory
You gave me power weh pass power oh
To overcome the powers of darkness
Now a dey shine as I dey win everyday oh


Ooooh I can see Your goodness…All over me
Your kindness…All over me
Seigneur et Sauveur eeeee…All Over me
Its all over me ee…All over me

Over me eeee…All over me
Over me eee…All over me
Oh it is all over me oo…All over me
Over me eee…All over me
Over me eee…All over me

I can see you handy o in my life Haya!  Haya!…All over me bis


Na you talk Abdul, faithful and true
All your work is good, all glory to you
You bless me pass my skill oh baba
Pass my skill oh Yegele
Oh what is this? Shey na me be this
You changed my story oh
I see your glory oh
Not my power oh


In trying times , I stand still
Cause I know your peace is…All over me…oh all over
When no one cares, I rejoice
Cause I know your love is…All over me
All over me


You are my shelter and my shield
My buckler and my peace…Yeee!
Who shall I fear when I have protection of the Lord?
Nobody noooooo The blood of Jesus – Christ is here o
All over me…Hehe


Oh I can see your mercy…All over me
I can see your favor…All over me
I can see your Grace…All over me
Tcheba tcheba!…All over me
You never let me fall…All over me
You always hold me close…All over me
Oho ooooo


Everyday I see your many blessings…All over me
Yo o…All over me
Yogolo…All over me
Yogolo…All over me
They say na me be this…All over me
Na you dey do me so…All over me
Ye! Yogolo…All over me
Yogolo…All over me