Asante – PV Idemudia




Tututu duru /x4


I’m feeling good
Oh yes, I’m feeling nice
When I think of all You’ve done,
I just wanna dance

Jehovah do me well
Jehovah do me nice
Jehovah bless my life
Everybody, everybody come follow me dance


When I think of the things You do
Jehovah I thank you ooo
And the way You changed my story
Jehovah Asante eee
Nobody can do me like the way You do
Jehovah I thank You ooo
That is why I have come to say,
Jehovah Asante eee


Oh nananana
ooo ooo /2x


If no be for You
I for don die
I remember how I sold pure water
Running on the street of Benin… ai

Oh Lord You hold me close
You will not ever never me go
You bless my life and now it’s so hard
For people to believe where I’m coming from

I will sing for You… aii aa
And I go dance for You… aii aa
I go sing, I go dance
I don’t care what the people say… Oh God!


Jehovah I thank You
Jehovah I thank You ooo
I have come with a grateful heart my Lord
Jehovah Asante eee

I can see You hands in my life
Jehovah I thank You ooo
Asante, asante, asante Baba
Jehovah Asante eee


My Shammah
My Jireh
My Chairman
Jehovah my Yahweh

Whoever thought of me?
Whoever knew my name?
Whoever thought this boy will become a superstar today?

Only You can do
What no man can do
Only You can change
What no man can change

I thank You
I love…
I love You

I praise…
I praise You
Nagode Baba ooo
Nagode o /2x