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Believe – Kelar Thrillz

by TheChristianBlogger

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“Heh, awa ò ńse stranger lori street yi oshamo”


A lot of homies for my hood dey feel disappointed
Wetin dem dey find e never enter o
I write this song to get you elevated
Make you see Jesus for the center o

No loose hope
No loose hope brother
Nobody knows tomorrow oga
Hustle o
Hustle o brother
Trust in God say tomorrow go better

a tá tá tá tá tá bi rodo
Any bad man go put hand na fire go follow
Wa jo jo jo jo bi okoso
On the day of your promotion dem no go do ojoro chaii
Ororo still dey work on a norm
Ajo muo na ajo madu dem no go fit to form for your matter
Sake of say you trust in Jehova
Na Him be oga patapata
We go dey alright oh


Ife di mma a gayi a ko nu gi o
(You’ll not lack good things)
Oke Chukwu kere ge ru gi o
(What God has prepared for you will get to you)
No de fall for bad man tricks
Radical on a 116


You are now rocking with the blessed one
Back then my life was messed up like Genesis verse one (gbori e!)
I didn’t know left from the right one
It wasn’t so long before I ended up in a wrong turn
My only peace of mind was these pieces of mine
I was a diamond in the rough and hustling was gold mine
So I stuck to the day jobs for the main time
Well it didn’t make a difference cos I didn’t make a head way

I started rapping, mhen I was a big joke
Akpors was more popular so me I was a lame joke
The guy with no hopes
KELAR with no future in tomorrow
If I ever had a show I went with shoes I had to borrow, see…
I made it this far glory to God
O buro n’ike aka’m na God dey open the doors (it’s not by my power…)
Ife mmadu ne che yi nga wu yeah (What men thought was impossible…)
That’s what I’ve become
And who dey try quench my fire see na yourself you go burn!


Take a moment
Look at your journey
Look at where you started from
and look at where you’re going
You have to wake up every day to remind yourself that you need to believe in yourself

and believe in God who has brought you this far
You don’t need anybody to validate you
Your validation comes from God only
And once you got that
That’s all you need bruh.


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Anonymous January 14, 2021 - 2:59 am

Tell us how this song has blessed you and do well to share the lyrics.


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