Bestie – Gil Joe Ft E-Rock



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It’s Gil Joe
Oh Yeah…


You’re that friend that I’ve never had
You’re my bestie… Bestie
That’s right Lord I call you bestie… Bestie
You were there when my friends left me… Left me
You’re my God and saviour
Your love e no get number ooo
Otuwa lekan
You’re the reason why I go dey sing… Charlie
Ama tell the world you’re my… charlie
‘Cos you’ve been so good to me charlie
Ama lift you high and live my life for you


If start counting all the things that you’ve done
That you’ve done… I will be counting all my life
And if I count all of the things wey you still dey do
I no know where my counting go reach?


Papa you too much eh
Papa eh eh
I say you too good ooh
Papa eh eh
Papa you do pass ooo
Papa eh eh
I say you do good ooo
Papa eh eh


When the enemy was trying to act funny
To play my life like piano.. Uhn
Them no know when you got God you got melody
So play your life with the right notes
Mey’m ma bibi ya hamin
I got bestie wey truly love me
Soon put their trust in chariots,
Some panamera….
I trust God and I still be balling
That’s why I dey my lane with enough grace
Them say I don craze
Wetin my God go do for nana
E do for asamoah
E gave higher life
Wetin I dey do for lower