Christian Baller – Gil Joe



Dem don dey feel my p
All these folks that have been doubting since
Thinking that GIL will never be
They be like “Is this thing for real”
I’ve been singing since
Obviously I’ve been Kinging since
Only God that can do these things
Reigning grace and blessings on me
I’m a young B!
Living good Life ‘cos I’m free
We dem boyz as you can see
We don’t do dirt, we swag so clean

They don’t understand
You already know I’m a GILIAN
You can call me that balling Christian
I’m a Christian like that


It’s the Grace of God upon me
That’s why I am balling /2x
Oh na na na na!


You can call me that Christian baller
Call me that Christian baller eeh! eeh!
Christian baller eeh!
It’s alright yeah!


You know it
When you see J’s on my feet yeah!
And you notice
When I’m balling my Versace eeh!
Or you Suit and Tie
I know you looking fly
And I like your Style
‘Cos you looking so nice yeah!
Looking so fresh
You blessed and you know that
God’s time is the best
It’s far better than a Rolex
When I get my money right
I’ll be ranging in my rover
Amma get that brand New Porshe oo
And I’m off to Church oo!


I know some ballers
I know some Christian ballers
I know some ballers
I know you wanna know them too
Sinach is a baller
Samsong is a baller
Eben is a baller
Joe P is a baller
Or you wanna ball like MasterKraft oo!
Or you wan ball like Nikki Laoye
You wanna ball like Henrisoul
You wanna ball like Nosa eeh!
A.D.A Christian baller
Richboy Christian baller… Uhhnn!
You already know all my GILIANS
We’re all Christian ballers