Chukwu bu ike – Joesami




See the future
Like a rainbow
Songs of praises
In trials time
No retreating
No surrender
Spread your wings
In victory
Arise and shine
It’s your time
The storm is over
Shout for joy


Chukwu bu ike
You’re my strength
Chukwu bu ike
You’re my comfort
Chukwu bu ike
You’re my everything

Response: I testify
onu kurunjo ge kun ma
All: Everything I’ve ever want is you


You’re a child of signs and wonders
Take a look and u will see
The glory of the lord is writen all on you
Since he laid his life for you
You’re a carrier of his presence
He’s the lifter of our soul,yea!!
You’re light of the world
You’re born to make a difference
He lives in you


Le le le le le le /8x
Lele oh he’s my strength
Lele oh my defender
Lele oh he’s my everything
Lele oh he lifts me up when I’m down
Lele LeleLele oh my deliverer
He’s my hero