Chukwuoma – Gil Joe Ft Frank Edwards


Since I was a baby
You care for me… Chukwuoma Gbum
You put me over everything
That I should keep… Chukwuoma
I love you
You did first
You set me free… Chukwuoma Gbum
I will never never let you go ooo… Chukwuoma Gbum
So I’m singing now eh…


Chukwuoma nme
Chukwuoma nme
Chukwuoma nme
Chukwuoma Gbum /4x


Ahan ehe ahan… Chukwuoma /2x


Say Lord it’s only you I see
When I look around me
I look around me… Eh
Who can do this kind of things that you do
These things that you do
Say na only you wey dey cover me
Forever I will be loyal to you oga mi
Who else can say
Baba na your word be the final
Baba na your word be final ooo


Onyemworunobi sarambaram
Inatamunobi bilibili
Your love pass ten ten ooo
One in a million
Chukwuoma nme… ihnemere nmo
Ifeoma eh chinenyen nwa
You too good ooo my God ooo
Chukwuoma eh… ehe ehe


I can’t explain how you saved me
When that car knocked me down
Who would’ve thought that I will make it
Out of that sick bed alive
When I no get chance but you still get plans
Baba who do pass ooo,  Chukwuoma
Baba no one else deserves this praise
Oh Lord eh… CHukwuoma