Corny – Gil Joe



Anytime, any-day Lord
Your word dey for me
And when I mess up
E dey cover for me
Sometimes when it takes too long
E still sure for me
Say You dey for me las las. eh eh eh


Take it take it oh Lord
Baba take all the glory
Na You dey do am for me oh
So Baba take it o
Cause, santa e no fit dey for me
And my government they no fit dey for me
So tell me why put my trust in chariots oh Lord

Me I don’t know
How You do these things, I don’t know
Me I just dey here dey follow
Anything that You say
You know that I’m
You know that I’m gon do o
Everywhere soft no sorrow
I dey happy on a roll roll
Man don’t care Lord
I know say You dey there


You dey there for me
Dun dun ki dun dun dun
You dey keep Your promise
You no dey do me corny oh Lord
Lord You too sure sure sure
You dey keep Your promise
Keep Your promise


Father take all my worship
Father take all my money
Since You came to my life
You’ve captured my heart
So, take everything yeah, yeah
Who am I without You Lord?
My life no go make brain no no
A millie tongues to praise You yeah, yeah
Is not enough oh, nah, nah