Ginger – Prinx Emmanuel




Na You dey give me ginger ooo
Oooh my Daddy
Oooh oh oh
Oooh my Daddy
Na You dey give me food to chop o
Oooh my Daddy
Put clothes for my back oo
Oooh my Daddy
Na You dey butter my bread o

Chukwu oma
Anyi na si gi imela /2x


You show me real love no be smileys
You no allow the enemies to fry me
When the enemies come like a flood
You carry mop, everywhere You dey tidy
You added G to the race
Capable of adding another G to a wagon
So who’s Prinx Emmanuel that You are mindful?
Me wey be ordinary carton


E be You wey dey show me love on a daily
When I no dey work, You dey pay me
Anytime wey I dey down


Lord, everything about You – legit!
See Your boy don dey spread
And I can never see defeat
Because You pour the oil for my head
Correct Baba
Na Your hotspot I dey connect Baba
You no gree make I kick bucket Baba
Because my charger dey Your socket Baba
Oshey! Baba

You dey butter my bread
You dey sugar my tea
Jehovah e di egwu ooh
Oooh my Daddy /8x