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Glowreeyah Braimah’s Biography

by TheChristianBlogger

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Speaking about Glowreeyah…

Glowreeyah is a kaleidoscope of colours! Passionate, Vivacious, Versatile, Hilarious, Warm.

Apart from singing duets and hymns with her as he played the piano, Glowreeyah’s father fondly nick-named her ‘The Bridge’. Perhaps, he foresaw her innate ability to relate with ease and connect with people irrespective of their gender, age, race or circumstance!

Her solid church background and appreciation for all genres of music is greatly influenced by her Nigerian multi-tribal family who listened to everything from Classical compositions, African Folk, Pop, Funk, Soul and a whole lot of Jazz. Even while she bopped to Hip-Hop as a teenager, this background left her with a respect for traditional musical hues as well as a desire for more creative interpretations.

Glowreeyah is also a Solicitor, Speaker, Scriptwriter and a Serial Survivor! She is actively involved in Social responsibility causes. Her yet to be released jamming inspirational album is very home-grown.It is a personal journal of a roller-coaster journey through valleys of immense pain and peaks of desired hope; as she expresses through each track-a tangible love for her Heavenly father, the beautiful complexities of human relationships and living for purpose smack in the face of all odds! ’Its a fusion! Each song you hear is a slice of the testament of my life-offering my vulnerabilities and the quest for something bigger, mething greater, something to live for and somewhere to go’, she shares.



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