GOD – Ebi Joseph

by TheChristianBlogger

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Ebi Joseph is here again


GOD /2x


Sister with your very fine face o
Anywhere you pass all the brothers turn face o
Even for church na only you them wan chase o
You think say na your beauty? No na God grace o
Student you no dey struggle with your grade o
When it comes to you F9 dey give space o
Now you dey think say you be boss
You wan dey carry shoulder up
No be say you too know na God grace ehn!
You graduate successfully
First class for your side no be anything
You know book scara, you na brainac
But if not for God, you for no dey alive
People dey struggle every year just to enter school
Write JAMB six times,that’s not cool
But for your side your Dad is at the upper room
You gain admission, wait is the Lord not good?


So who dey make you dey smile like this?…GOD
Who dey make you dey fine like this?…GOD
Who dey make you dey shine like this?…GOD
Ahn ahn…GOD
Eh eh…GOD /2x


G.O.D /3x


Mama you sef too get customers
No time you go market and you come back the same
Money for hand and smile for face
No be say you sabi sell, na GOD e grace
You bypass protocol them no dey see your back
Supernatural speed you na Usain Bolt
You get everything you want bros you no dey lack
All these happen because God got your back
Because of small money you don dey raise shoulder
Oga boss nobody reach you now
Even your friends around them don dey hail you na
No forget say na God make you na
Your blessings na 3D no be Photoshop
Shine teeth like say you advertise close-Up
You dey shine nowadays like say you go for shop-ping
But don’t forget to praise the Lord


Grace be the reason why we dey go higher
Some dey hang for rope,and others na barbwire
Grace be the reason why we dey stay high
So hot,even the devil no fit quench our fire
But, not by power not by might o
Just the word of God wen we believe o
God be the boss(bus) Him dey carry all of us o
We kinging everyday cause we role with the king o
So, brother make you seek His face
And every time wen you wake make you pray for grace
Cause if not for grace them for don disgrace
Us, and we for no fit set the pace
Our blessings like new morning,it must surely come
When e come e go bit us like say na drum
Well done,e go make us to overcome
But, don’t forget to praise the lord


So who dey make you dey smile this?
(Make you dey smile like this)
Who dey make you day shine shine shine ?
(Make you dey shine like this)
Na who dey make you dey smile smile smile?
(Make you dey smile like this)
Ahn ahn!…GOD
Eh eh!…GOD /2x


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