Gospel Music Minister, Buchi Celebrates His Daughter Who Becomes A Lawyer


In the wee hours of today, Veteran Gospel Music Minister, Buchi Bwai took to social media(Instagram) to celebrate his daughter on a new accomplishment in a heartwarming message. Buchi’s daughter who’s name is Olive, is now a barrister according to his father, and owns a shawarma business and more. Congratulations, Olive!

Behold… My barrister!
My baby girl becomes a lawyer today! …same little girl who preferred to play alone, away from other children; who fearlessly confronted every dog and goat around the house; whose favorite toy was novels; who danced in my hands in the very first music video; who took charge of the kitchen ministry very early; who sang with me on stage… audacious, fearless and focussed.
Congratulations, Olive!
Sorry, Barrister Olive O. Atuonwu.
Oliviero da Buchi 😁
(MD, Olive’s Shawarma & More.)

Isn’t the Lord gracious and kind???