Hello – Gratitude




COZA Hello
How are you? /2x


Hello, how are you? /2x

Hello, how are you?
I’m good
I’m fine
I’m singing in the Holy Ghost
I’m dancing in the Holy Ghost

I’m loving it

Everything He’s done for me, my God
I’m loving it
No man can do well, no man can do well say
I’m loving it

I’m chilling, I’m cruising
I’m loving it
I’m good…
I’m good
I’m fine
I’m dancing in the Holy Ghost

VERSE (Rap in Igbo dialect)

Nwanem bia go di kam gwagi something
(My brother/sister come I want to tell you something)
Chineke ne ye ndu o bu hin long thing
(God gives life it’s not a long thing)
Okwa e ma na Chineke nna nnomu nso
(For you know that God is always by my side)
We dey shine for the Lord, we are flaunting

In other words, my blessings bata tata
(in other words, my blessings have come in from today)
O di too much nwanem nne bu ya nkata
(The blessings are too much that I carry them in baskets full)
You can’t touch me, Ekpuchirim nime obara Jesus
(I am covered by the blood of Jesus)
Last warning enemies, biko rapum aka
(Let me be)


Chale if you need light, imma show you the way
Welfare for the world, imma throw you the pay
Spirits fill, high grade, so we aceing the game
Ba lo ca ci so we got no delays

Everyday fit family yeah my pocket works out
Kingdom financiers bro we can never burn out
Blessed are the peacemakers we can never fall out
Kings King my supply it can never run out



Uhh the way you love me,
I can never tell of anybody else will do
Nobody else will understand
Even if I try to explain

That I got a saviour (on my mind)
I see his favour (all around)
Till the end of the time,
You have captured my heart
And I’m loving it

I’m loving it
I’m loving it
I’m loving it
I’m good
I’m fine
I’m dancing in the Holy Ghost


Holy Ghost chilling
Holy Ghost children
Gratitude brings the Holy Ghost in the building
Always balling with the pounds no shilling
Always stay up no floors (flaws) like the ceiling

Anybody wey dey beef bami sofun eniyen
(Help me tell that person)
Say na like so e go dey be – B’oshe ma je niyen
Over the powers of the world we’re the masters
We go show you light like say na Paul to Damascus


Baba… Kpom kpi! Oya look here
I never talk much like I’m mute yeah
As God dey fight for me I drink the juice yeah
He put my enemies on the ground like footwear
What are you really doing on the Facebook?
Na Bible I dey read, I dey face the book!
Whether na satan abi devil do the beat
I go put my verse on top and I go preach!


Everything is falling into pleasant places
Ain’t nobody stopping me cause I’m His righteousness
Thanks be to God who’s worthy of my praises
(cause I’m loving it)
And I’m loving it, loving it, loving it
Loving it


My money,
My cars,
My clothes,
My crib … I’m loving it

My crew
My friends
My church
My family… I’m loving it

My gold
My silver
My bronze
My pearls… I’m loving it

The word
The pray’r
The praise warfare … I’m loving it

Hello, how are you? /4x


I’m loving it!