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I Am – Elijah Oyelade

by TheChristianBlogger
I Am - Elijah Oyelade


No name on earth can describe who You are
From eternity past You remain the same forever
In heaven, on earth non compares with You


I am that I am /8x


You are the lamb and the lion
You are the fire and the water
You are the past and the future
I am that I am

You are the God of the mountain
You are the God in the valley
The earth is Your footstool yet you live in me
I am that I am

Call- I am that I am
Response- I am I am
Call- I am that I am
Response- I am I am /4x

God of yesterday
God of today
God of tomorrow
You never change you never slumber

I am that I am
Unchanging God
I am that I am
I am that I am
I am that I am

Alpha and omega
Beginning and the ending
I am that I am
The healer
The Saviour


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