Iconic Music Minister, Frank Edwards Witnessed Jesus to His Barber


Frank Edwards is a renowned gospel music minister who is well celebrated locally and globally. He’s known for popular songs like Under The Canopy, Happiness, Oge Eruwo, and more. The gospel music icon shared on his Instagram page recently, how he witnessed Jesus Christ to a young man who has been his barber for three years.

I usually don’t put up my soul-winning pics cus I always think it has been recorded anyway 🤷🏽 But I’m doing this to share this story. I have been winning souls for years. Also, through outreach prog …, etc. But this guy has been my barber for 3 years
And he is not born again 🤦🏾🤦🏾 As he was cutting my hair today a question just dropped In my heart “ is he born again?”
I then asked him and he said no.. 😲 Immediately I did the needful and gave him a Bible too!

Praise GOD a soul is added to the kingdom.