Jehovah – Longevity




Yeh eh eh eeh; You too much eh
Longevity dey here so… ah
Ooh o o; splendor pon’ the beat eh


Almighty God
I give You all the glory
I exalt your name
Because forever You reign

You created time
Only You exist out of time eh
You made the world
And You turn am to Your footstool

Me I never see
This kind God before Oh
I never see
This kind God before Oh

I go lift my hands
High above my head
I go shout Your praise
Morning, noon and night eh


Because this Word of God
It’s in my vain
This Word of God
It’s in my heart eh

I go shout am loud
Everything wey You do for me
I bless your name
For this life you gave to me


See, now I’m born again
I get e Zoe
I work in grace
And I nor dey fail e oh /2x

O ro ro ro ro
Nah Jehovah eh ehe eh
Jehovah eh
You too much e eh /2x


See me as I dey so
Make you check my life
From glory to glory

I just dey shine eh
Nor be by my power
Nor be by my might eh
Na Jehovah eh

Na Him dey work my way
He changed my life
From grass to grace
He took my place
And now I’m saved

All of ma story
He turn am to glory
All the shame
He turn am to fame