Jehovah Nissi – Nathaniel Bassey




You are the first and the last
That’s why we call You Alpha, Omega
You own the world, You fill the universe
You made the things we see and cannot see
Your love is great, Your mercy sure
Your grace has done more than I could have done
When I was bound, You came and rescued me
You gave me light and took the darkness, yeah



You surround me with many victories
Jehovah Nissi, You’re my banner
You go before me, You fight my battles
Jehovah Nissi (that is who You are)
Jehovah Nissi


You are the same yesterday
The same today and same forever
You never change, You are reliable
My hiding place in times of trouble
You are the Christ, the Son of God
You bruised the serpent’s head at Calvary
You took the keys, opened the prison doors
Crushing the power of death forever

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Dunsin Oyekan ‘Forever’, Nathaniel Bassey ‘So Good’, Mairo Ese ‘Worthy’


God is gone up with a shout
With a trumpet sound
God is gone up with a shout
With a trumpet sound