Kabash – Godfrey Gad ft Moses Bliss



For people wey dey do juju eh
God pass them
Talk say we no go make am eh
God pass the them
Them go know say power pass power
God pass them
Oluwa power no be man power


We go dey
Kabash (kabash) /3x
We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (kabash)
Mama papa come and see o

Kabash (kabash) /3x
We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (kabash)
Sister brother come and see

VERSE [Godfrey Gad]

We dey rise o
(We dey rise o)
Never to fall down
We are taking over
We dey rise o
(No be lie o)
We are the sons of God
Now we know who we are
From the east to the west
North to the south
Message of Jesus go dey our mouth
Who be that wey dey talk something
When papa God never talk am

No weapon fashioned against me wey go prosper, Amen
Surely na goodness and mercy everyday dey follow me, Amen
I dey waka dey kabash
Anything wey I do I dey kabash
Even demons dey fear me when I rababababah (speaking in tongues)
Them go scatter in Jesus name

VERSE [Moses Bliss]

See us dey rise o
Never to fall down
We no fear any man we dey fear only God oh
Fear only God oh
If He did it before He can do it again o
Do it again o /2x
My story don change o
I dey speak in tongues oh yay
No need to work out
God is working for my good o
No need to suffer cause your blessings sure for me o
I just dey count my blessings
Name them one by one o
And if you look around
You see what God has done o

VERSE [Godfrey Gad]

Poverty go away
When you kabash
Depression go go
When you kabash
You market go sell, promotion go come
Plenty money go come when you Kabash
You see that breakthrough you dey wait for e go come when you kabash
You see that school eh
Graduation go sure when you kabash

OUTRO [Moses Bliss]

If you get dreams no continue to dey sleep o
Life’s too short to be sitting on a long thing
Give me your ears omoh make I tell you something
To take over you must Kabash.