Lai Lai – TAG



I’m a small girl with a very big God
I swear I no dey do runs
I get white men pics plenty for my lappy
But, honestly I no dey do fraud
I’m a very hardworking somebody
I work late hours, let’s say from 10 to 12 o’clock
I’m a heavily anointed man of God
If I touch you bros, I swear you go see God
Too much money, I just bought a private Jet
I wear Italians, I no dey bend down select
Vacay nah Dubai, although I fit from Onne
And if you see me around, know you travelled as well
Eh, let’s not complicate things please
In case you see me in a park in Mile 3
Just know I came there to buy things I couldn’t find in Dubai like matches


My friend why you lyin’?
This talk you are selling Abeg, me I’m not buyin’
My friend why you lyin’?
You for try talk true small nah, eh stop the lyin’


E get this new adage say if pastor Dey H
E go tell you to PH (Provide Help) before you GH (Get Help)
Dem be like, “If you want God to touch you, then you must sow a seed that will pain you”
Fine sister, yes it’s you I’m talking to
You know say I like you naah, I dey talk true
The Lord said you should be my wife in my dream
No nau, I no dey lie, you want to question him?
I be Christian see my big crucifix
No dey reason all these girls you Dey see me with
Most of them are my sisters in the Lord
Or a new soul that I just won for the Lord
Walaii, I’m a man of the people
My method is leading my example
One dollar go equal to one Naira
That is one of my seven point agenda