My Jesus – Paul Chisom Ft Glowreeyah Braimah



You gave up Your royal throne
For a crown of thorns
Oh what You did for love
You considered me worthy
You knew You would be rejected
Oh what a price for love


You saw the shame You would have to bear
And yet You chose it anyway
You continue to love me fervently


I don’t know any other man oh
That is capable of this kind of love
Do you know, do you know, do you know Him
That’s my JESUS (x4)

Uthando. . . Uthando (Love in Zulu language)


Love so faithful
Love so true
Love unending bought by blood
Your love will never envy… Oh
I know You’ll never break my heart
Your love is not demanding… Oh
Has no evil


Oh my Jesus… You are capable
Awesome wonder… You are marvelous
Miracle worker… Supernatural
Yes, I know Him?
That’s my Jesus (x4)

That’s my Jesus. . .