My Prayer – CalledOut Music




I’m getting sick and I’m tired of living life this way
Lord, without You here with me all I seem to do is make mistakes
I’m asking, is there a limit to Your mercy?
Cos’ I wanna know

I wanna go back to the days where for You I was thirsty.
Okay now, Lord I apologise
Again I crucified You
I tried to fight it but it’s clear I need You to survive

So many times I tried, with my own devices
But You told me everything I need You have provided
Blind to Your love, was deaf to Your call
I come before Your throne of grace and I surrender all
Cuz when I fall, You’re there to catch me, so if they ask me


And I’ll say that Your grace is all need,
Oh Lord You see the best in me
It’s why I call You Yahweh /2x
When I’m walking through the valley let me feel You next to me
And that’s my prayer /2x


You know my thoughts
You know my heart
You know my prayer Lord
You know my prayer Lord /2x


And so I pray
Let Your Spirit fill me,
Every day I’m breathing
Let Your mercy shield me,
Shield me from all evil

Cos it was You who found me
So in You just ground me
Build a tower around me
Goodness and favour around me

Begging never allow me
Never move on without me
If You move on without me,
Waters of death will drown me
Sometimes it gets so rowdy
My sunny days get cloudy
But with You I overcome.