No Other God – Preye Odede



I’ve seen so many kingdoms
So many kings
So many riches
So many wealth
But I’ve not seen anyone like you

There may be pain and sickness
Sorrows and killings
War and diseases every day
But we believe oh God
You are the mighty man in battle… Ooh

You are on the throne
Nothing can move you
You have this power
And nothing can change it
Oh, God…
You are the King of all the earth

Everybody knows that
From north to south
East to west
Deep in the ocean
Down in the valley
Oh, God…
You are bigger than one people say


From east to west
No other God
From north to south
There’s no other God /2x


No one else can heal the sick like you
No one else can make the lame to walk
No one else can roll the pain away
Jesus… You are the miracle-working God

No one else can forgive me like you do
No one else can love me like you do
No one else can wipe my tears away
Oyoma mme ebube dike ke ibu ooo … Jesus!

Only you /3x
Only you
There’s no other God

Only you
Can do the things you’ve done
Jesus… Ebube dike ke ibu ooo