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Nothing Without Love – Nathaniel Bassey

by TheChristianBlogger

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Though I speak with tongues of men
And that of Angels
Prophesy and comprehend the deepest truths
Though I have the faith
To move the greatest mountains
But I am nothing, I’m nothing without love


I need Your love Jesus
I need Your love Sweet Jesus
I’m just a sounding brass and a rolling cymbal without Your love

I need Your love Jesus
Teach me to love… Yeah
For I am nothing
I’m nothing without love

dada da da da da a taaa”


Though I sing with voice of men
And that of angels,
Write the finest songs and get the loudest cheer
Though I sing and play the way that King David did
oh… I am nothing
I am nothing without love
oh so


I need your love Oh Jesus,
I need Your love Jesus,
I’m just a sounding brass and a rolling cymbal without your love

uhhh oh
I need Your love Lord yeah
Teach me to love You oh…
For I am nothing
I’m just nothing without love

Trumpet plays…


Oh Your love is beautiful
It believes in everything
It’s humble, patient, gentle and so tender
Where there be prophesies
knowledge and the gift of tongues
Everything will fade away
But Your love will never fail…eh
For you are love Yourself and forever You remain
So Jesus help me to love You
For I am nothing
I’m nothing without love
oh oh oh…


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