Nso nso – Joesami




Nso eh nso /2x
Oh oh oh oh
Nso eh nso


You live in righteousness
Lord you’ve made me just like you
So pure and beautiful
You are more than eyes have seen,
No darkness found in you
You are more than ears have heard
Your kingdom will reign papa
Your kingdom will reign


We enthrone the king of kings
Nso nso
Exalt and lift him high Nso nso
So we bow in adoration
Nso nso
Singing praises to your name
Nso nso
Glory glory in the highest,Hallelujah we will sing(×2)
We adore you
Yes sir


Call: Hallelujah we will sing
Response: Holy holy is our God
Ha…llelu..jah /4x
Call: Holy..ye ye ye is our God oh oh
Holy..ye ye ye, holy is our God
We bow down to worship you.


From the raising of the sun
Response: Sun
Till the going down of the same
Response: Same
Holy holy is our God /2x
Response: Nso nso…
Heaven and earth adore you are holy
Angels bow to sing you are holy /2x


All: Nso Nso Nso ka jehovah di
Call: you are worthy,
There is none like, you, you are holy
Nso ka jehovah mu di eh
Lord we worship
Lord we’ve come to give you praise
From the bottom of our hearts
Lord you deserve it
You are greater than the greatest
You are stronger than the strongest; hey!!!