Numbers – Nkay Ft Gil Joe



As I wake up in the morning
Lift up my hands to baba mi olorun
Shey bi na you wey dey keep me from falling
Taken my shame and you’ve honored me double
Ho-honored me double
Who cares ?
Who hears, when we’re calling ?
Whose hands, gives kids to the barren ?
Who else speaks up for the silent ?
I’m telling you I don’t know … Ah
Turned my mourning into dancing
And you’ve filled my life with your blessings
So there’s no more question I’m asking
I’m telling you there’s no more


Lord your blessings are too much to number
It’s amazing you don’t sleep or slumber
And the love you have poured is abundant
It’s more than eyes can see (x2)


The blessings you’ve poured on me
Are more than gold & silver
Kenneth Cole & Prada
They’re more than eyes can see
Said the blessings you’ve poured on me
More than gold & silver
Michael Kors & Prada
They’re more than eyes can see


Blessings everywhere, it’s intentional
Your blessings are having me screaming hosa-na-na
Lord, I appreciate oh
My life is not the same again
Father, these blessings are more than Prada
These things you do for me
I make up my mind, no Mary Kay
That Eledumare, you’re my provider
Shebi na you give me my heart desires


Dear Lord, you’re never letting go
Your faithfulness is sure
All the things that I’ve been searching for
You’ve been to me and more
You pick up the mess
And you clean up the filth
The ones who’ve been sentenced to living with guilt
With nails and the cross yes you covered the bills
That’s more than eyes can see