Onyeoma – Kaydeegospel



Gini k’am ga eji nye gi ekele chioma n’eme nma aaa
Gini k’am ga eji nye gi ekele, chioma n’eme nma


Aha!! its Kingdavid!! Kaydeegospel (Son of grace)
I dedicate this song to Almighty God! for all
He’s done for me, for His love and grace upon my life.
Baba I say Oshe!!!


Thank you lord for my life, for all you’ve done for me
I’ll give you praise, morning and night I’ll praise your name
King of kings and Lord of lords, chioma n’eme nma
You’ve taken me out from the miry clay, your love is all I see


Abba Father,Lord of lords, King of kings and Onyeoma
Fountain of life, My heartbeat
Words ain’t enough to describe you Lord
My soul redeemer ,your peace I find, umu chineke kuba aka!
Because of His love I sing this song, you can call this wonder praise


Oh! how I love to praise your name,
You set my feet on a solid Rock
You’re my savior, I call you “onyeoma” and nothing can separate me from your love
Though the fig tree does not bud and the world seems to cave in
Chioma meh! mga akpokwa gi onyeoma! (Onyeoma aa)
You’re my father, ibu papa ukwu!


So I count my blessings, name them one by one,
See all the good the lord has done
One by one and two by two, put on your dancing shoes lets praise the lord
Kpo ya onyeoma! Kpo ya onyema (onyeoma) Kpo ya onyeom ehhhhhh


I dwell in the Palace of Grace
And I walk in the fear and wonders of GOD