Prisoner – Hef




I woke up in the morning of my childhood
I found myself in a four-piece suit
Oh no uh oh no
How I got here
Through one man sin came to the earth
Sin came to the earth


He’s been living his whole life in this dark prison That he built with his own hands
You gotta be aware,
He never had the chance to make his own moves
Always tryna follow the laid down rules
He made mistakes along the way hun

And yes the past will never change
But he put himself inside this cage
Only if he knew the reign gonna take the pain away hun
His family said he’s never gonna make it

So he lived every day like he’s never gonna make it
Cos he don’t have money he put himself in this chain
Living a low life every day is a mistake
He said I don’t need help go away

He puts on his mask and it’s a fake smile
It’s funny what you saying
A joker, you faking
You put yourself in this prison
‘Cos of what they saying like

‘He said’ ‘she said’
Everybody wanna be a wanna be cos of what ‘they said’
We put ourselves in these cells
It’s a pity we never get to explore the freedom inside us

Red blood was the price
Got us free from these cells
It takes faith to be free
Love paid the price in your unbelief


Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh


I hear the sound
I hear the sound of freedom /2x

No more a prisoner
No more a prisoner (I’m free)
I’m not a prisoner
I’m not a prisoner /2x


Oh Lord, help me to free
I wanna fly on your wings
I’m free I’m free
No longer bound

I’m free am free
Oh Lord, help me to be free
I wanna fly on your wings
Am free oh oh oh
Am free oh oh oh
JESUS, that’s all I got to say