Sammie Okposo – I Love You Jehovah



Huh! Come on now!
“Oh my goodness!
Ah ah! I love you Jehovah! Say!
Oooh Oooh! Hey! Come on! Say!”


When I think of all the things you do for me
My mouth cannot tell it all o…at all o
You give me life…(x2)
You set me free…(x2)
Oooh…you set my feet upon the rock o

I will always thank you (x2)
Baba oshe o… Oghene doh
Chukwu dalu, n’gode yesu… Yesu yesu
If I had a thousand tongues
It will not be enough to say thank you
With all my heart, I will love you forever


I love you (x4)… Jehovah ooo
I praise you (x4)…Jehovah ooo


Say oooh
O oh oh…I love you Jehovah o
Say oooh
O oh oh…o oh oh…O oh oh
I praise you Jehovah o (x2)
Hallele (x3) … Hallelujah (x2)


I love you
I love you
I praise you
I praise you
I love you
I love you… Jehovah (x4)

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you…Jehovah ooo

Jehovah! Good God! Hmmm