Settled – Henrisoul




For this life I’m settled o
God don settle me
Settled o
Bank alart Balance
See me see flexing o
No more Hustle

Settled o
God don settle my matter
For Calvary


I been dey hustle
Morning Night and day
Salary must complete
For man to pay the bills
Work Hard work hard I don tire
I need the grace to run the race
But to get money na by the way
I begin to run Heavenly race
As I begin dey run Heavenly race
My bread and Fish dey feed the state
carry basket make you come and take o
The leftover hin no go waste
From Abia lane to Lagos state
I don become the head of state
My matter e don become debate


Oya dancia dancia dan dan dab
Sampoli Sampoli pam pam pam
Kripkoto koto koto koto


The bible say
Seek ye first the kingdom of God
Every other thing go follow
You go buy motor
You no go borrow
Your Pickin go laugh e no go sorrow
Your wife go spend and spend the dough
Chicago today Dubai tomorrow
Bugatti go pack for your garage
Everywhere e don palage
our matter go come become debate
Your mama go rock the Fendi ooo
Your papa go wear the GUCCI ooo