StarGuest ‘An Exclusive Interview with Chiwendu’, Platform Records

Good morning to you all… Join us as we launch Onetwolyrics Blog’s  interview session today. This is our first Episode and i’m sure you don’t wanna miss this because it’s going to be awesome as we have one of the fastest and promising Gospel Music Stars in the house….She’s young, she’s beautiful and talented. it’s nobody but the “Yowee” Crooner… Ladies and Gentlemen, join us as we welcome CHIWENDU of Platform Records!!!

                            Chiwendu | Platform Records

12Lyrics: Good Morning and welcome to ‘StarGuest’; Onetwolyrics Blog’s Exclusive Interview session.     May we meet you ma?

Chiwendu: Thanks, I’m honoured. I’m Chiwendu Chiekezi, a Gospel Artiste, Fashion designer, a lady.

12Lyrics: Wow! You are a double major. How do you cope with being a fashion designer and a Gospel singer? has it been easy at all combining the two together?

Chiwendu: It’s always good to be versatile. I love things that has to do with fabrics and obviously God’s talent is in me as far as music is concerned. And also, combining the two is somewhat an experience, though I’m still in  the learning process both in music and in fashion designing.
If definitely I found another talent in me aside both, I wouldn’t mind to still explore..laughs…

12Lyrics: Wow! That’s great…

Chiwendu: Thank You!

12Lyrics: You’re welcome! Your debut single “Yowee” featuring Omolayo of Project Fame has been enjoying lots of airplays,  downloads even purchased many minds for you as well. How do you feel about that?

Chiwendu: I feel so fulfilled, lots of efforts went on the song and I was happy it blessed so afterwards.

12Lyrics: Omolayo Babawale of Project Fame is your label mate and how does it feel working with the PF graduate?

Chiwendu: First I’ve watched him on TV during the reality show and when I was told he’s joining the label I was scared I don’t want to sing in his presence,I felt I will be intimidated but when he came on board, we met, he was so playful and funny.
He thought me lots of things and I always wanna learn more from him and I feel good working with him.

12Lyrics: Wow! That’s great and it’s good to know that you guys are good together. I know your fans can testify to that based on “Yowee”. Smiles…

Chiwendu: Yes and thank you!

12Lyrics: Most welcome… In a nut-shell, can you just tell us what inspires your style of music or tell us about your style of music?

Chiwendu: I want to say my style of music can be likened to Urban Gospel, African contemporary. Most times my Producer draws lots of inspirations and we develop it.

12Lyrics: Great! As young as you are, how do you muddle-through with this kind of exposure especially in school amidst your friends?

Chiwendu: I’m managing it by God’s grace. Friends told me they saw my works and they are happy about how God has been empowering me and I always feel happy.

I’m not there yet but by God’s grace exposure is cool but I don’t allow it take advantage of me.

12Lyrics: That’s nice… Few weeks ago, you uploaded a snippet from your on-going project. Can you brief us on that ma?

Chiwendu: Yes… I have two projects on.. One is “Egbega” which set to be released soonest by month ending and the other is “Better days” which I want to release on my birthday April 17. They are both wonderful tracks.

12Lyrics: Cool! I’m sure your fans cannot wait to get them on their playlists

Chiwendu: Yes.. they should stay-tuned…Smiles

12Lyrics: We all agree that one thing leads to something… With this knowledge, we do like to know What inspires these songs and what is the experience like on your new projects?

Chiwendu: I get inspirations mostly when I sleep and it’s developed in the studio, but most of my songs are written by my producer.

12Lyrics: Wow! I love your transparency on this and I really appreciate that…
Are we to expect any special feature on these new projects and who is producing the songs?

Chiwendu: The two songs have no features,all by me Produced by RockyTee  but subsequently I love to  work with Psalmos and Kenny K’ore.

12Lyrics: That’s great! All is possible with God.

Chiwendu: Smiles…

12Lyrics: We all want to satisfy our heart desires and do that thing we just want to do in order to satisfy our  conscience.  In your music career do you think you have gotten some or all of that?

Chiwendu: No I sincerely know I’ve not gotten it all, Just like Paul n the Bible he said ‘ I count not myself to have apprehended it all but one thing I do is to forget the past and look forward to things of latter’.  So it’s just the beginning, I look forward to when healing takes place when you hear Chiwendu sings.

12Lyrics: Awesome! I am sure someone is inspired by this too…

Chiwendu: It’s all by His grace…thank you!

12Lyrics: You are young, beautiful and Talented that every guy out there will want to have you. How do you cope with your Male fans and treat the messages you receive from them on social medias?

Chiwendu: I cope with everyone legitimately and Everyone is my good friend.

12Lyrics: Ooooook! Smiles… Many of our younger girls today believes in having boyfriends and even depending on them for one thing or the other. Do you think this is right and what is your view on this?

Chiwendu: The Bible says Friendship with the world is enmity with God. Immorality is a sin and there’s no guy who will give you a dime without making sins with you, it’s out rightly wrong.

12Lyrics: Hmmm…I will like you to shed more light on this… Are you saying it is not good to be in a relationship?

Chiwendu: Relationship is better when you’re matured for it,most teenagers don’t know the implications, you have many other better things to worry about, when you’re ready to create a home(marriage) then you’re matured to get into relationship to know more about your spouse. It’s called courtship.

12Lyrics: Thank you so much for this priceless piece…

Chiwendu: You are welcome.

12Lyrics: Finally before we wrap-up this interview session, can you kindly tell your fans what they should be expecting of you and give them a word of advice that will bless them?

Chiwendu: Just like I said earlier it’s just the beginning, everyone should expect good music from me and I want to use the medium to appreciate my boss/producer Tayo Adejumo whom people called RockyTee,I save my words for him for now.. Lolz and of course my big bro Omolayo Wale. My advice for everyone is that whatever you know is good and Godly, do it well because you will definitely be fulfilled one day. Stay away from evil.

12Lyrics: Hmmm… Thank you so much for your time Miss Chiwendu Chiekezi.
We really had fun having you on here and we hope you will answer us when next we call on you ma…

Chiwendu: Yes…and I’m really honored to have me interviewed by you God bless you too.

12Lyrics: All glory be to God and Thank you once again… #StayBlessed

Chiwendu: You are welcome.

Ok people, i’m sure you all enjoyed the exceptional moment we had with our “StarGuest” Miss Chiwendu Chiekezi and this is where we will be drawing the cuttons for our first Episode on Onetwolyrics Blog’s “StarGuest”.
Chiwendu ft Omolayo Pfame – Yowee
Song | Download
You are all wonderful and we appreciate your supports and efforts you all made by reading this awesome interview. Thank you and God bless you all…See you all in Episode II.