Suddenly – Frank Edwards



Moro pe, ile ayemi titan se
(I thought my life was finished)
Moro pe, aye o ni de bami
(I thought life will not come to me)
Moro pe, olorun ti gba gbe mi nile aye yi o
(I thought God has forgotten me)
Moro pe, esu joba
(I thought the Devil has won)

All around me was darkness, everywhere
I looked left and right and find nobody to help
I cried and cried and I shout aloud
Oh Jesus, where are you?
No. no no I couldn’t take it anymore


Suddenly, I can see the light shinning bright
Suddenly, it’s raining again on me
Oh oh oh, dry bone walking again
I can see the sunshine
I’m a new creation


Where would I’ve been, if You left me all alone?
I didn’t even know, You were with me all along
Yesterday, today, forever
You are the same You never change
Look at me I don’t even look like
What I’ve been through

For what You’ve done
I will give my all to You
Take it all, as a living sacrifice
Emmanuel oh oh oh
Emmanuel oh oh oh
I will never ever let You go


Let me hear you make a joyful noise
(oh oh oh oh oh)
I can feel the rain
(oh oh oh oh oh)
I can see the sunshine
(oh oh oh oh oh)


mo wa dupe
I can feel Your love all over me
Suddenly, the land is green