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Superstar – Chen Emmanuel Ft Bobby Triggz

by TheChristianBlogger

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One day I’ll be a star
And I’ll shine brighter than the sun
One day I’ll give light to the moon
I’ll be your superstar
But until then, let me be, the star you can see
without closing your eyes
Until then let me bask in the rays of the light
That don’t blind me.


What if I told you
I dared to dream and damn the consequences
I know you laughing at me like what’s he saying
I’ll tell My tale of valour and put these words in
no matter how dark the night is the stars shine.
Don’t close your eyes I promise I wouldn’t blind
The lion in me roars but in front of the mirror I see a scared cat but I don’t mind
cus if your dreams don’t scare you then its not big enough
But in all I’m humble
I choose better, not bitter not to fumble
I trust in the rock of ages that never ages
And that’s just simple fact
So if you ask me I’m good with that
Had a run with destiny paid my dues
now I’m ready for that
That’s Why I leave you wondering
like my granddad was Stevie Wonder.


As I lay in being enchanted by the beauty of the night
The stars align like the solar system.
Imagine the galaxies I discovered in my heart
Marco Polo
Under this moon tell my tale
cus I illuminate to give light to the moon
rattle my comfort to push harder
I’m not one to quit so I act accordingly
actually, I wanna be the light you see without closing your eyes

Cus it was predestined right from the scriptures…

with this brush I paint, my destination…

cus my future bright, now would you look at that… can you match that!.
My self-esteem shot down by a bullet to the head
Hated for thinking four steps ahead.
Funny enough they all thought I’ll fail before I began… mehn

Search within yourself
You know just what you want
Believe in your heart
and chase out the fear
oh oh oh
Cos even if the clouds hide the stars, they never lose their shine


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Adewale Adewumi March 10, 2018 - 3:43 am

…enriching your world with music


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