Unconditional – Rehmahz Ft Oluwatomi & Dj Rex




I’ve got a feeling in my heart
And it’ll never ever die
I’ll keep on singing about his blessings raining on me
It’s so unconditional/2x

So I’ll line ’em up
Count it out
Oya na /4x


You gave me a brand new song /2x
When I wake up in the morning,
am feeling so brand new

You’re the one I still desire
I go dey with you forever
Yeah I know I can’t retire
That’s why am doing this for you

You can see it all around me anywhere
I feel his presence moving in me everyday
So why me I no go sing?
So why me I no go shout?
So why me I no go sing?


Ti n ba sope ki ma count e mehn o ma long gan
Boya kin ya sound e pass me d gangan
Awon temi n doubt e wo ni Tomi naa ka
Story ma ti change baba lo pe mi mo gbo

Oni son mi yes sir Lord me am blessed sir
Sebi eyin le shey omi ogbara yen sinu desert
E so ekun di pillow fun Danieli ninu Den Sir
Ogun Aye mi le ti wo le ti mess sir..

Blessing wey I mean no b cash o
Ibukun wey money for im side b like tansho
Wait! First Class for him side b like pass o
Wait! Raba for him side b like Rah

On the m. I. C mo ko n miliki
Unconditional baba lo n Seyi
Emo bo shey n lo Sola protegee
Baba lo n shey iyanu fun MI oooo