You Are Amazing – Peterson Okopi




Amazing God
Amazing God
Ayaya yaya
You are amazing

The heavens and the earth
bow before you
Jesus, You are amazing
The mountains and oceans
roars your name
Mighty man of war
You are amazing

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Frank Edwards ‘Most High’, Peterson Okopi ‘Walk Away’
Peterson Okopi ‘Baba’

You created the language for the deaf
You are Jehovah
Jehovah Jehovah

You created the pathway
for the blind
You are messiah
Jehovah Jehovah



You who swallows up what
swallows an elephant
You are a mystery

How did you place the stars
up above the sky
You are amazing

How did you breathe
the breath of life
into mere dust
You are amazing

You see the naked depth
of my heart
Jehovah Shalom
You are amazing

You hold the rod of justice
in your hand
Declaring freedom
freedom freedom

You are the God that lives inside
of me and still visits me once in a while
You are amazing

Amazing God
Amazing God
Ayaya yaya
You are amazing

Commander of diverse result
I salute you
Lift up your heads o ye gate
Be lifted up everlasting door
Let the King of Glory come in
Who is the King of Glory
The Lord strong and mighty
Battle in battle
I am that I am
You changeth not
You changeth not

Nobody can bear the name you bear
Nobody can wear the name you wear
Nobody can enter the place you enter

My soul sings out
My spirit cries out

Jesus obadabada (Indescribable)
Odegwu (Unsizable)
Jesus Agabaidu oche (Mighty man, king
Odogwu na ya me (My mighty man in battle)

Wounded Messiah
You are amazing