Your God – Tim Godfrey



Bring it all to me
I’ve seen how much you have cried
I know how hard you have tried
I am your God, you can talk to me

My yoke is so easy
If only you can trust me
I am your God
Fix your eyes on me

The storm might be raging
I know you might be sinking
I am your God
Lay it at my feet

I know you’ve done all you can
No one understands
I am your God

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Ooo ooo ooooh
I am here for you
My arms are wide open
I won’t give up on you
Forever I love you

No matter where you are
The hurt you feel inside
The pain, the shame
They won’t go away, away

I’m running back to You
And I surrender all to You
I give my all to You
Forever I love You
I give my all to YOU