Your Love – Nkay



Cleaned me up gave me new names
And you changed my sight gave me new frames
Then you freed me up broke the two chains
You ensure there is nothing I’m wanting nah nah nah
Ooooooh somebody hold me yeah

Dried eyes they can’t recognize
Been going six years and I’m doing fine
Some said God is good brother all the time
And I’m living that life that I couldn’t find nowhere
Somebody hold me yeah


Now it’s raining daily on me
upon me
And His love is more than money
More than money
And the people think I’m crazy yeah
Nah nah
They think I’m going crazy


Your love
Dey blow my head oh
Your love
Dey blow my head oh


Something dey move my head
Something something dey move my head
That same something is in my leg
I’m getting signals up in my radar
Nah nah somebody hold me yeah


Whose fly? whose not?
Who rocks? who picks up the flops?
Men like me now sit at the top
Chilling with love and I’m never gon drop
Young boy moving on that lane 85
Full tank of love and I feel fortified
Your love is my drive so my life is alright
It’s morning I’m up and we’re just at the start